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The Lizard King

1960 Mercury Wagon by Boyd Coddington



If you’re looking for a meticulously built hot rod from the hands of a hot-rodding legend,
something that will get momma to and from the grocery store in record time, all while packing in
the entire soccer team, then look no further! This wagon is more than
a family truckster, it’s the
family haul-ass-ter! Words and photos do not do this wagon any
justice. But read this information, straight from Boyd’s shop, look up
The Lizard King on the web, and look at the photos. That will tell you
most of the story. But this wagon has to be seen to be believed. It’s
spectacular from all angles, the attention to detail is Pebble Beach
quality, and it runs like nothing you’ve ever seen on the streets.
Call Lou at (203) 984-9127 to
discuss this one-of-a-kind hot rod and to set up an appointment to see
it for yourself. Since his unfortunate passing, Boyd’s creations have
been in high demand. It’s very rare to find one available here on the
East coast, so don’t let this opportunity pass!

SoBe Lizard King
E-85 Powered HotRod
Boyd Coddington® teamed up with the SoBe® Drink Company to design and
build the first ever E-85 powered hot rod. The project started out as
a rather clean, stock 1960 Mercury Woody wagon, now known as the
“Lizard King”. It was revealed on as part of the ESA, East Coast
Scholastic Surfing Championships presented by FEW-New Zealand, at
Bethune Park in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. This Wagon is truly a Green
The project aired on later episodes of AMERICAN HOT ROD on TLC.
Automotive and Hot Rod designer Eric Brockmeyer put pen to paper to
incorporate a surf inspired concept with the Boyd Look™ to give it a
hot rod touch. Initially concepts of a custom panel truck, but the
woody would be a new marketing tool and
a new addition to the SoBe® brand. Because this hot rod is all surf
motivated, it only made sense to team
up with shaping legend and Channel Island Surfboards founder Al Merrick.

At the soul of this hot rod is a Ford 460 V8, bored and stroked to a
massive 533 cubic inches. Engine
management comes courtesy of a F.A.S.T. engineered ECU unit, throttle
body and fuel injectors. Other
additions to the Ethanol hot rod motor are an MSD ignition system and
Edelbrock intake. The dyno
numbers this eco-sensitive motor puts down are extraordinary: 677hp
and 651 lb./torque. Transferring the power is a C6 three-speed auto
transmission. Holding it all together is a Currie Enterprise Ford 9
inch rear, held in place by the brand new 4-link control arm
suspension system by Air Ride Technologies, which replaces the
traditional leaf spring set-up.

E85 is an alternative fuel as defined by the U.S. Department of Energy
and is intended for use in flexible
fuel vehicles (FFVs). Besides its superior performance
characteristics, ethanol burns cleaner than
gasoline; it is a completely renewable, domestic, environmentally
friendly fuel. The Lizard King was fitted with Goodyear tires wrapped
around a set of Boyds Wheels. SoBe ® was looking for a new marketing
tool that
would attract a lot of attention to their product. The Lizard King
drew flocks of people that gathered around this amazing vehicle and it
was an absolute success for Sobe® and Boyd Coddington® and is ready
for its next new adventure with its new owner.


One of a kind Boyd Coddington Custom - $195,000


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