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Our Story

eMotion Motor Classics is just the name for our life long automotive obsession.  It's a place where we live.  It's a place for you to visit, hang out, talk, see some cool cars and motorcycles, share your mutual obsession and maybe buy something that strikes you as interesting. Everything on this site is something that we are involved with personally. It's either something that we saw and just had to have - for the exciting experience of ownership, or it's something we procured from a show or a meet that struck us as unique, or it's something that we built ourselves - (or at the very least restored, modified or improved).  


We're just a couple of guys with an obsession for cars.....and trucks.....and motorcycles....


Doug and Anthony have been close friends for more than 40 years, having met in the 6th grade. We've shared
many common interests through the years, the main one being automobilia. Doug's high school car was a 1968 Corvette coupe (more about his obsession: here), Anthony's was a 1975 Triumph the obsession started early! - (and we had to work on both of those particular cars... a lot!) 
We both rode motorcycles, too, so riding, driving, racing and wrenching cars and bikes became the thing we did... a lot!  


As our separate work and professional careers grew, so did our personal automotive "bucket list." A few years ago we
decided that it was time to start picking off items from that list. We'd search out the finest example of our next cool bucket list vehicle, buy it, drive it, if required we repair it or "better" it in some way, shape or form, then once we were "over it," we'd put it up for sale so the next enthusiast can pick off items from his/her own personal bucket list. Call it our "Catch and Release" program!!  We've built two garages to store and work on our automotive and motorcycle obsessions... this is an obsessive hobby for us - (there's that word again!) - as we are personally very involved in all of our cars and bikes... but... it is not a business....we don't offer 100,000 mile warrantees, financing, lease offers, etc.

Like we said, we're just a couple of guys with an obsession for
cars.......and trucks......and motorcycles....



So, come on in!  Take a look around and if there's something that you like or are interested in purchasing or if there is something that you have questions about, please let us know. If you would like to sign up for our Newsletter and get occasional email notices from us - please feel free to click and sign up. Your suggestions are welcome.



Thank you for visiting eMotion Motor Classics! 


 Doug is a Ferrari Club of America member, has an interest in the National Corvette Restorers Society and has a particular obsession with Ferraris, Corvettes, muscle cars and European sports cars, so if you have questions about those particular marques on our site - direct your email questions to him at Doug is in his "happy place" at the race track trying to go relatively fast, while staying relatively smooth, while trying not to run into things.


Anthony is a BMW Airhead club member and has a particular obsession with BMW motorcycles, Hot Rods, vintage trucks and European sports cars, so if you have questions about those particular marques on our site - direct your questions to his email at  Ant is in his "happy place" while pulling apart a vintage BMW "airhead" motorcycle, wrenching a thoughtful modification and then riding that bike for another blissful 100k miles.

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Auto Turismo and Sport is our trusted friend and partner!  For all Ferrari, Maserati and European Sports Cars - repairs to restorations - speak to Steve Mastraonni. (860) 350-2128

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