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2001 Ferrari 550 Maranello

Stunning blue/cream V-12 Ferrari

Mint condition!!



LeMans Blue with Cream and Blue interior

Front engine V-12 – 485 HP w/ Six-speed manual trans.

Mint condition / all services up to date

25,000 miles



It’s the return of the great front engine V-12 Ferraris of yore. The heir of the Daytona legacy – it’s the Ferrari 550 Maranello. Named after the town where the Ferrari artisans meld their magic – in producing the world’s most desirable supercars, the Maranello is the car that marked Ferrari’s return to front engine V-12 GT car production. That V-12 produces a seamless surge of power – that’s 485 hp! – shifting  smoothly and precisely through the legendary gated six-speed gear box.  The transaxle is positioned in the rear to balance the weight of the engine up front – for fantastic handling and a smooth ride. The Maranello delivers that power all the way up to a posted top speed of 199 mph. Don’t forget that Pro Drive went on to race 550M’s against the top road racing competitors of the day – Aston Martin, Corvette, etc… in the late ‘90s and win!  The Maranello is supercar fast, while delivering the GT manners of a legend. If there is a word to describe the Maranello driving experience – it would be “composed.” Get in this car in New York and drive it all the way to LA – you’ll arrive at your destination feeling “alive” and “refreshed” while sporting a huge grin – from one of the greatest drives of your life. This car represents the Ferrari experience and does it “all”- very, very well.


Color: This particular car is in an interesting color – LeMans Blue – a medium French blue metallic, of course, but a little lighter and brighter than the standard Tour de France blue. It is complimented by interesting interior colors of “Crema” / Cream – not quite white and not quite tan – but right in between - on the seats, door panels and rear deck – that is quilted with blue stitching and leather tie down straps – with Blue carpets and Blue leather dash and corresponding Blue trim. This color combination is gorgeous, very classy and unique – it pops! 


Service: This particular car has all of its services up to date – performed by authorized Ferrari dealers and most recently by Auto Turismo Sport – a highly respected and qualified independent Ferrari shop.  Major service, oil, all fluids, all filters, Tubi exhaust and recent brake pads make sure that this car is set up perfectly and its history and repair receipts show that it was always treated well during its 25,000 miles of travel - since exiting the factory gates of Maranello in 2001. This ’01 is a late production car with a high serial number near the end of the 550’s production life – (but before production on the 575 began.)  With the 550, you get the desirable six speed manual trans with gated shifter along with the traditional V-12 motor up front - for a classic driving experience. 


Again, this is a mint condition car and I find myself with not much to say - that isn’t a superlative! - about this car. Please come and take a ride in this modern legend – you will not be disappointed.

Contact Doug /  / Westchester, NY

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