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    1972 Norton 750


                                  1972 Norton 750 Combat 

                                  Production Racer Tribute




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1972 Norton 750 Combat

Production Racer Tribute


 First things first: this is NOT a factory prepared Competition Production Racer. Only 200 or so were ever made available to privateers wanting to compete in the production-based 750cc TT class. An original surviving example is very difficult to find, in ANY condition, let alone pry away from its lucky owner. And even if you were lucky enough to buy an original, would you really RIDE it as intended? Probably not, right? Instead, what we have here is a sensible alternative; a classic unstressed Norton Commando in Dunstall CPR dress. And like the originals, this one is 100% street legal, currently registered and plated. Spool up the engine into the upper rpm range where it WANTS to live without the fear of grenading a very scarce engine….not that a real Combat isn’t scarce, but relative to a real CPR, it’s not. 


This wonderful tribute to these legendary machines was recently professionally built from a real deal matching numbers Norton 750 Combat Commando by Dave Katz of Classic Bike Experience (CBE) in Vermont. Jack Manning of CBE graciously provided the real Paul Dunstall bodywork to make this tribute a reality. The build of this bike is extensively photographed to document the build from the time I dropped it off at their shop to delivery in my driveway. It is not a restoration so much as a “sympathetic preservation” type of build. Every perishable item….and for a vintage Norton that means pretty much every moving part…was either refreshed or replaced with new. Everything was gone through to ensure reliability….yes you read it right: RELIABLE! A reliable Norton Commando 750 Combat you ask? Well, yes! This one fires up at the mere suggestion of ignition. Unheard of, right? Wrong; Dave Katz is THE MAN when it comes to building and sorting these British beasts. Its rotating assembly and ignition system is dialed in to perfection. It starts, shifts, stops, and it turns like a proper vintage production based racer, and it looks the part as well. The entire bike has the wonderful patina of a surviving classic and that characteristic British roar provided by the real deal Combat C model twin cylinder beast and peashooter mufflers. A sound as intoxicating as any bottle of your favorite spirit. 

All gaskets and seals were renewed, the wheels re-laced with stainless steel spokes, forks rebuilt, brakes rebuilt, new suspension, new exhaust, all new wiring harnesses, brand new NOS Amal carbs installed, new tires, new…just about everything! We even fitted a very slick and rock solid reliable electric starter system sourced from Alton of France. 


So what more can you possibly expect? A reasonable price tag? OK, here it is: $18,000 firm takes her home. Call us for an appointment to take a look.


Contact Anthony / / Westchester, NY

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