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1974 Rickman Honda CR750


Pinnacle product - mint example of magnificent motorcycling history!



When Honda unleashed its CB750 in 1969, it brought a whole new level
of sophistication and motoring excitement to the street. But while the
750’s four-cylinder power and disc brake were big improvements over
other marques, the bike’s frame, rubbery even by the standards of the
day, was still a limiting factor.

But Derek and Don Rickman had a solution; they came up with an
alternative to marry the reliability, power and stopping performance
with the rigidity and sure-footedness of the British chassis. The
solution: the Rickman Honda CR750.

The buyer of a Rickman CR750 chassis kit, initially offered in 1974
like this one, got a frame made of exotic Reynolds 531 manganese
molybdenum steel tubing, every joint hand fitted and brazed with
bronze fillet rod; a stiff swingarm with a proprietary chain
adjustment system; unique GP-style fiberglass bodywork, Tommaselli
clip-ons, rearsets, massive 41mm Cerriani-spec forks; dual Lockheed
racing calipers, and 18” Borrani ‘Grand Prix’ shouldered rims on
proprietary hubs. In completing the “kit”, the new owner only needed
to source a CB750 engine, electrics and controls and slot them right
into the Rickman platform. The result was a machine that embodied the
best of Japanese power with the world-class handling of British bikes.
Perhaps best of all were looks that could kill, from its gleaming
nickel plated frame to its swoopy but purposeful Competition Orange
bodywork, all adorned with a careful assemblage of top-shelf aluminum
bits. The whole package dropped over 100 pounds off the stock Honda's
weight and catapulted the resulting 'special' into superstar status,
on and off the racetrack. With only less than 2000 of these kits ever
produced, and most trashed or crashed on the track, these are as rare
as hen's teeth. And to find one in this condition is virtually

This particular machine is chassis number 4148G, manufactured in May
of 1974, making it an early production example. The original Rickman
ID plate is still attached to the head tube and is crystal clear, like
new. No monkey business here! This bike is a careful build of a
complete kit to correct period specifications in every detail, by one
of the most expert vintage and classic European motorcycle
restorer/builder in this country. The level of research, care and
detail that went into this motorcycle is second to none. It is
absolutely stunning, the photos don't do this bike the justice that it
deserves. The nickel plating on the frame is original and completely
intact. The engine is a 1971 K1 Honda CB750 mill that has been fully
rebuilt and worked with an 810cc kit, Norris R Grind cam, giving it
more punch than a stock engine. Exhaust is new and ORIGINAL HM300
pipes with modified factory baffles. The package is complimented by
carefully overhauled 28mm Keihn "pumper" carbs with screened velocity
stacks that enhance midrange punch. Every effort has been made to
maintain the authenticity of the original kit, from the NEW
as-original Dunlop K81 'TT100' type tires to the original and correct
instrumentation and switchgear. The goal was to build a Rickman CR
motorcycle exactly as it would have appeared to enthusiasts of the
day, right down to the period-correct and England-sourced “Stadium”
mirrors. The wiring harness is an NOS K3 wiring harness, as that is a
little more robust, has fuses, and is easy to adapt to than the
original K1 unit. The fuel tank has been internally lined with Caswell
Plating's 2-part epoxy system which is ethanol-proof. So there are no
worries tanking up at your local filling station.

The wheels have been totally rebuilt and the spokes have been replaced
with one gauge larger, per the service bulletin that Craig Vetter put
out in 1975, as he found that people racing the bikes had experienced
spoke failures, especially on the rear wheel.

All of the bodywork is original, in its original Competition Orange
gel-coat finish (not painted!) as sold by the Rickman brothers. The
only parts that have been painted are the side covers and the
headlight bucket, neither of which were supplied or color-matched by
the Rickmans.

This is a real Rickman Honda CR750, and it is titled with the DMV as
such. All in all, this my opinion...the finest, most accurate
1974 Rickman Honda CR750 in this country, perhaps in the world, that
would be the centerpiece...the crowning jewel of any exotic motorcycle
collection. This very motorcycle was fittingly on loan for the past 12
months to the Larz Andersen Auto Museum in Brookline, Mass. for their
Beauty of the Beast exhibit.

The bike fires right up and rides perfectly without issues. So it is
perfectly at home on the road, as it is on display in a museum. Quite
honestly, it belongs in a museum or in a high-end collection where
enthusiasts can see it and enjoy it often. The reason I'm selling it?
It just sits in my living room where only my family and friends see
it. It deserves to be seen by many more enthusiasts, so I'm making it
available to someone that will do just that.


Price = $30,000

Feel free to call Anthony at (917) 952-1680 to make an appointment to see
this magnificent piece of motorcycle history.



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