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2004 Honda Rune


                                  Production Custom




Front Single Saddle
Rear Single Saddle
Rear Dual Saddle
Front Dual Saddle

The Honda Rune is a motorcycle with no limits.  
Honda engineers were told to design their dream bike and to not hold back on any and every idea imaginable. The goal was to make the motorcycle a showcase for Honda's manufacturing and engineering excellence, as well as, their creative "custom" build acumen. They had no limits as to their expression of this vision. The objective was to build something that was completely unique and custom - yet suitable for production.  This rolling piece of artwork was the result.

Low production numbers, one year of manufacturing, the exquisite build, the materials used and the custom aspect of this bike have made it an instant colectible. The engineers won and the "bean counters" lost on this one, as it is rumored that Honda lost tens of thousands of dollars on every one sold! Rolling art, performance and quality like this ain't cheap and my guess is that it will be a long, long time before something this unique and beautiful will come from the Honda "custom" house ever again. Please see the link below for the history on this unique motorcycle from


In The News:​ 


To start, she has a massive 6.1-gallon fuel tank feeding an 1,832cc liquid-cooled, fuel injected, horizontally-opposed six-cylinder power plant. She's shaft driven with a trailing bottom-link front suspension (similar to a reverse springer) and a Pro-Link single shock Mono-arm rear suspension stretching out a whopping 69" wheelbase. 

For your riding comfort, she has a WindVest Windshield and Rivco Billet Highway Mounts with Rivco Flatfoot Wide Pegs. New tires with less than 50 miles on them!

Not only does she have the original single saddle, she'll come with a custom Corbin Dual Tour saddle w/matching Corbin Oval back leather backrest. Cruise by yourself with the original saddle, or take that special someone along in comfort and style on the Corbin, including Rivco Premium Billet Aluminum Passenger Floorboards.

Always babied, never abused with a low 8,590 miles. 


Asking $20,950 - for this rolling piece of Honda engineering artwork. 





Contact Anthony / / Westchester, NY

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